Thursday, March 23, 2006


Hello, Puppetji here,
Greetings all; I come to you with love in my heart and curry in my belly.

I have just returned from a long journey filled with silence, meditation, dance and yoga. The drug and weapons charges were dropped and the Turkish prison really wasn't all that bad. And thank you all for those beautiful cards and letters, especially the ones filled with cash donations. I couldn’t have installed the bullet proof glass on the new Mercedes with out your divine gifts of gratitude.

On my recent travels I have encountered many beings from all walks of life...all questioning their purpose and existence. The common thread that seems to be the apparent cause of one's suffering is addiction. Yes, there are those who are addicted to the porn, the drugs and the sex... But Puppetji knows the truth...The real drug is the mind.

This is why we have mantras...This is why we dance and practice yoga...and smoke from the sacred hookah, if only for a moment to get us out of our head. Yoga is not just doing postures in a class...though downward doggie on the Mountain is my favorite, yoga is a way of life...where one gently moves their attention from the head to the heart. This is not a difficult can be as easy and rewarding as transfering money from your checking account into Puppetji's sacred donation bowl.

When we dance in the Unknown, the divine moment...the NOW place, we come to realize; all is as it is and that is all there is, and you and I are that which is and that is that.

This is who you are...divine NOTHINGness. Yes, you are nothing and that's really something...being nothing....NO Thing. A play on words? Perhaps, But Puppetji would suggest to you that peace lies not in our past or future, for they are illusions created by the mind. Peace, true freedom and LOVE are not found by following our addictive patterns, for they are but temporary remedies for that which has no meaning and needs no cure. You will never find that which you seek in any thing outside your temple...or some one else’s temple, or Shirley Temple. YOU are that which you seek. Stop the search and remember this... You are not special, you are not important. You are LOVE and Love is all.

Namaste, peace and carrots.