Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hello all,

I just posted a new socksang up on the YOUTUBE. I hope you enjoy, and that the socksang touches you, and brings you closer to that which is already you.

Much love & nothingness,



Friday, September 21, 2007

Back From the Burning Man

Greetings all,
Okay...Puppetji has returned from the Burning of the Man. What a freaking journey to the desert and back, you know? I did many things: the dancing, the napping, the eating the food, checking out the art, watching the Lunar eclipse, delivering socksang @ The Body Temple, the dust storms, the heat, the smelly toilets, and the fantastical collection of the playa booger extractions. What a gift it is to experience such magic, mayhem and creative expression in one place. The Burn continues to resonate through my nothingness. Such gratitude.

This Burning Man thing for Puppetji continues to be a reminder in being with what is. Yes, you see? If you are in complaint, you are in suffering. Wishing you were somewhere other than where you are? Suffering. See...we cannot change or control what happens around us, but we do have a choice about how we FEEL and DEAL with whatever situation we are in or the conditions around us. Like my good buddy Osho once said: "No matter what is apparently happening...If you ain't got noting good to say, shut the freaking mouth and go get me a sandwich"
Such wise words from my old party buddy.


I find it important to integrate slowly back into the chaos of the city after opening the heart and blowing open the mind so much at the Burning Man. It is the nature of the cosmos to expand and then contract, like the inhale and exhale of the breath of life.

So, after the Burning Man, I continued on to Harbin HotSprings where I soaked in the healing waters and had wonderful massages. Then on down the coast, through the Big Sur and the Esalen Institute...gently weaving back to Venice...where I spark up the sacred hookah...and be thankful I made it to the home alive. Now I just need to do the laundry...

love light and pickles


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Puppetji at Burning Man

Greetings all,

Master Puppetji will be spewing forth spontaneous wicked wizdumb this coming Wednesday at The Body Temple: that's 10:30 and Esplanade.

This will be my first appearance at BM so it should be a playful blast of laughs, playa dust..and some sexy Dancing Devotees.

This special Sunset Socksang will be at 6:30 pm Wednesday. Don't miss it. Cocktails and dancing after. Yes, Puppetji will be getting his groove on...and I will be dancing too.

I hope to see all my friends there.

Peacelovejoy to all
save travels to the Green Man.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Back from Oregon Country Fair, Prepping for Burning Man

Greetings all. I'm back from Oregon, and my ass is as flat as a yoga mat. 15 hours of driving, is a long time to sit on an ass, even if I did meditate the whole time.

Anywho... The fair was fantastic. A vaudeville, burlesque, circus...just the right amount of feathers and leather to get me excited about burning man...the festival that pushes the edges of the limited mind, expanding one's consciousness to new levels of awareness. More to report when I return.

I am also almost done reading a fabulous book by Allen Rolland titled;Healing your self in seven sessions instead of seven years." I'll be posting my review next month, but so far so easy read.

Well, that's about it for now, not much to report...I am perfecting the art of nothing...and Puppetji will have much to share on this subject.

Many blessings and love to all.

Peace and Carrots,


Tuesday, April 03, 2007 is up

Greetings all, is up. This is my temporary page that will direct you RIGHT HERE where you can enjoy more socksangs and things to make you smile- for a happy life. Blessed be the ones who see the humor in all things.


Sri Puppetji

Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Socksangs Available on YouTube

Greetings all,

it certainly has been a while since I last posted. My deepest apologies. Puppetji has been very busy perfecting the art of doing nothing. It can be quite a refreshing sort of way. But Puppetji is back and ready to be of service to the world.

UPDATE: I have recently posted some new socksangs up on YouTube and feel it would be advantageous for you all to check them out. (the link is below) Watch and listen carefully, for the messages can be quite powerful and healing. Open your your your mind and receive the wizdumb from this remarkable series of clips from Puppetji's recent "Hookah Talks" in Venice Beach, California. Then, open your checkbook and send Puppetji a non tax deductible for fundable donation.

Peace and carrots,