Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Socksangs Available on YouTube

Greetings all,

it certainly has been a while since I last posted. My deepest apologies. Puppetji has been very busy perfecting the art of doing nothing. It can be quite a refreshing sort of way. But Puppetji is back and ready to be of service to the world.

UPDATE: I have recently posted some new socksangs up on YouTube and feel it would be advantageous for you all to check them out. (the link is below) Watch and listen carefully, for the messages can be quite powerful and healing. Open your your your mind and receive the wizdumb from this remarkable series of clips from Puppetji's recent "Hookah Talks" in Venice Beach, California. Then, open your checkbook and send Puppetji a non tax deductible for fundable donation.

Peace and carrots,



Krishna said...

had to link all the videos on my

i find your videos totally in tune with my comics osho site

waiting to see more i hope
keep up the good work
had to lough so much!!!!

Shriramtaramtatam said...

Thank you for providing us with new devine insights from Puppetji. Although I kow it is all an lillusion and me typing this is in reality typing to myslef i am forever touched by Puppetji's presence. And even though i know that i have not meditated long enough to understand the seemingy paradox of an enlightened Puppet I do however have complete faith in his superior knowledge of cosmic laws.

Sham Taram Ta Tam said...

Even though I have not meditated long enough to understand how a puppet can become enlightened I have complete faith in Puppetji's special insights into the cosmics laws. Thank you for sharing Puppetji's universal truths with us.

Anonymous said...

fine fine site, sri puppetji- you are doing the great work of laughter in this world- wise wise laughter, and laughing wisdom through it- very clear- cudos!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sri Puppetji,

Would you like to share your insights about orbs with us??