Thursday, August 23, 2007

Puppetji at Burning Man

Greetings all,

Master Puppetji will be spewing forth spontaneous wicked wizdumb this coming Wednesday at The Body Temple: that's 10:30 and Esplanade.

This will be my first appearance at BM so it should be a playful blast of laughs, playa dust..and some sexy Dancing Devotees.

This special Sunset Socksang will be at 6:30 pm Wednesday. Don't miss it. Cocktails and dancing after. Yes, Puppetji will be getting his groove on...and I will be dancing too.

I hope to see all my friends there.

Peacelovejoy to all
save travels to the Green Man.



manfred said...

hi there,
who are you? an new incarnation of osho or papaji?? i do like this lovely fucking funny mindblowing stuff. keep on talking to us and be sure that your fan-community is increasing - at least in my household here in northern germany. can´t wait for more crazy wisdom.


jack said...

lol awsum.more videos more@@@@

YogaDawg said...

This is funny stuff. As someone who loves to satirize the Yoga scene, this is right up the YogaDawg alley. Thanks for the laughs!


Anonymous said...